We currently have the largest distribution platform in the world.

SS Music Group, under the SS Global Entertainment, LLC umbrella, represents one of the largest distribution platforms in the world distributing and marketing for over 4,000+ clients and 49 sub labels combined. For a one time fee of $599 for artists, you will gain unlimited worldwide distribution with our platform for the lifetime of your career. For label owners, we offer label distribution deals which comes with 10 artist imprints and your label imprint for $2500. You will never have to pay for distribution again.
Our distribution platform makes up a global music distribution company that provides marketing and rights management services for independent labels and artists. We combine a powerful technology platform, data-driven insights and a team of global music marketing experts to help labels and artists maximize their revenue potential in today’s dynamic music marketplace.

We offer a 70/30 Split, with the artist taking 70%. The contract will renew at the beginning of each year, unless cancelled 30 days prior. You are free to involve yourself with as many other projects as you see fit outside the scope of our 70/30 split contract.


If you are a label owner, your artists need to have well mixed and presentable music when the time comes for distribution. You are responsible for the level of quality and skill represented by your label. Covers or samples will not be allowed on the platform unless the proper paperwork from the Harry Fox Agency or the actual publisher is included with your submissions. If you are an artist and ready to move forward, please make sure you have the following ready to go before contacting us:

One project finished. This can be one full album or at least 2 singles, ready to be distributed.

Songs submitted must be mixed well. Mastering is optional, however, if you are interested in radio campaigns, all singles submitted must be both mixed and mastered.

You must have payment ready in full. No payment plans allowed.

common questions

Smaller distribution websites like tunecore.com or cdbaby.com charge artists to upload and distribute each time a new single or album is released, as well as an annual fee for each of those singles and albums thereafter. This can leave artists feeling like they are being penalized for continuing and progressing in their careers. For example, Tunecore charges $24.99 for each album, plus $49.99 annually for that album. So in one year, the artist is spending $74.98 to distribute one album. Without even releasing any other music, in 5 years, the artist would be spending $199.96 (the annual $49.99 x 4 years) just to keep it on Tunecore. Most serious artists want to release several singles, and at least one album per year. As you can see, the cost of continuing to release music really adds up with other distributors.

This is what makes our one time fee for lifetime distribution the obvious choice. Unlimited single and album distribution is ideal for any artist who is serious about their career. Not only will you have major label distribution, but you also retain the freedom to work with any other label or rep of the entertainment industry that you want. If you pick up a sponsor after being on our platform, any financial benefit gained is yours to keep. If you get a single deal offer from another label (independent or major), you will not have to come negotiate with us. That is your exclusive deal. All outside opportunities that you gain as a result from our platform is for your benefit only. Our only requirement is that any music distributed through us is kept on our platform only. For example, if you send us a single to be distributed, you cannot distribute the same single through through Tunecore or any other platform. This will be discovered, and in the process both distributors will hold your profit until they can determine who the rightful distributor is.

  • Music distribution through 600+ online retailers (currently more retailers than any distribution platform worldwide).
  • Artist will receive wholesale discounted campaign package opportunities for any service we offer to the public to help ensure they have the advantage over those who aren’t signed with us.
  • Artist will be taught how to earn a consistent income through distribution deal, GUARANTEED.
  • Artist will be able to take part in programs and campaigns designed to increase his or her current and future fan base.
  • Artist will be assisted with understanding publishing, copyrights, registering with PROs, BDS, Soundexchange. marketing strategies, structuring monthly, quarterly and yearly goals and overall guided on how to set up for progress and growth as a whole.
  • Artist will receive the option of partaking in monthly consultation and guidance conference calls to ensure the understanding of statements, trend reports and overall aspects of their potential growth as an individual and brand.